Chapter 8- His Story


Chapter 8

Yesterday, the Master of Time revealed himself to me. Yesterday, the Master of Time placed his cogs and wheels to suit a place, a day, an hour and condition to align the very moment I ponder upon now. Today, the Master of Time holds me back in nostalgia and held her forward towards me, close enough to make time stand still with her well within my grasp but far enough to lose that very moment.

I met her again yesterday and I didn’t know it until she was only a shadow running into the light. I was running away from the present, my life and the woman my parents want me to marry.

I too was all but certain about this commitment,even though I knew it wasn’t working. The night I met that girl in the bar the night, I knew my life was going to change. It’s the strangest thing that I find hard to explain but in the midst of bodies bashing and sweaty dancing, second-hand smoke, heavy breathing and liquor spilling; I felt her move my world in an ecliptic waxing of realization that maybe just maybe she could be what I have been looking for.

She always seems to leave in a hurry, the first time her friend dragged her away from me and this time she ran away after the priest discovered her on the other side of the confession chamber in conversation with me. Weird girl haha, but I like her, and all I have is her blazer that she left in the chamber.

His hand found itself inside one of the pockets of the blazer. He pulled it out along with some business cards. “SaneleMthonjeni.” He pursed the card on his lips as he thought whether to call the number or not. He laid his head back on the bed and thought about the possibility of meeting Sanele again on purpose this time. Would it be at a restaurant, the park or would she invite him to her house?

“Babe, babe are you in the house?”

“Oh shit it’s Sindi.”

In panic, Cairo got up, looked around and dived into the closet just in time before Sindi got into the room. The blazer was safely hidden from his girlfriend but not from his conscience. Sindi was only woman his parents knew in his life. He had met Sindi 3 years ago when she was still the woman he thought he loved. Sweet, gentle and gorgeous but somewhere, down the line she changed and not for the better.

Lately, he felt disconnected from her. He also felt another feeling he could not really account for. He was conflicted by a relationship that had lost its charm, loveless and staged really; but he wasn’t the kind of man who’d jump into another relationship without concluding his current one. However, how do you explain his dilemma now? A man,repelled by the person his girlfriend had become, plotting to make contact with a beautiful stranger whom he knows nothing about except her name and number. Could this be considered cheating or was this a sign to move on?

“Oh, you’re here.“ her eyebrow lifts with a smug tone in her voice. She clutches her hand behind her.

“Yeah, I am.”

Cairo notices Sanele’s business card on the floor. He had to think quickly. He reaches down grabs it and pulls out his trainers under the bed.

They were both acting rather peculiar but each was occupied with their own thoughts to notice this.

“I’m going for a walk Sindi.”

Hoping that Cairo would not leave and that she didn’t have to use the thing that was in her hand, she protests.

“Babe, I just got here babe!”

“I know, but I need some air.”

Like crabs they walked side ways facing each other with palms behind their backs full of secrets.

Sindi put her head against the door as she closed it shut. She would not linger on herdull relationship. So,she went into her wardrobe found her vibrator and replaced the expired batteries with recharged batteries from Cairo’s joystick controller. She felt that she needed to be selfish and indulge in a joy of her own.

She looks around the room. Turns her laptop on. Places her index finger on the touchpad and clicks on Finder and the search begins.Documents, double click> Recycle Bin, she breathes in- double click> Accounts, her heart speeds up a little- double click> Backup, she straighten her posture- double click> Clients, she swallows- double click> Wild life, she loosens her pants around her waist- double click> and then in front of her a collection of her finest porn material readily waiting for her to pluck it’s nectar like a forbidden fruit is organized into Feeling Polite, Scratch that Itch and HAngry. Today she was frustrated, hot and bothered. Her man was distant, running off leaving her alone in town for no apparent reason, his mission was no longer to satisfy her and he’d freeze when she touched him. On top of all that, she saw Sanele also running and could not catch up to confront her about a bergie who kept pestering her because Sanele gave them her number. Yes today Sindi was feeling HAngry- Hungry and Angry. It’s not something that can kill you but in Sindi’s case it would be a hazard to stand in her way because this is the one thing that turned her into an utter bitch.

She decided to cure herself of this famine. She dished out a serving of Wet WildChix- double click. Reduced the volume, view full screen. Skip the romance and fast-forward to the gluttony. Through her walls she guides the phallus within her. She partakes of the starter but her appetite seeks more substance. With her palm she cups her mound and reaches in between it’s fluffy wonder to a hiding place that is the source of her wetlands. As if in control of itself, her leg lifts allowing for more engagement as her mind is occupied by visuals on the screen and her hands labour themselves in anticipation of a blossom. Her ears no longer hear the moans of the wet widlings as the pressure in her ears as well as her walls, tunnel into expansions and contractions. The textures of her mind slip layered in velvet encrusted grainy air. Gravity pulling her forward to the past and interlaced with the fragments of the present. Absence or presence writes words in the dark, lining, leaping, squirting, convulsions in the pound pound pound down circular stroke of a sweaty, legs wide, back arched experience. It lifts he and lifts her, she squeals, tingles all over, Yes! She arrives…

Lying there, still in the seat of euphoria. She closes her eyes for a bit before she finds her wits. She walks across from bedroom to the bathroom, gives herself a wipe, puts on her panties and pants. She puts her vibrator in its silk cover and places back into the wardrobe. The door gets caught on something from the inside, as she is about to close it. She looks to see what it is and she finds a black blazer that she doesn’t recognise. It smells of a familiar scent she loathes. She looks in the pockets and finds some business cards that belong to a thorn in her side, Sanele.

Cairo begins walking back to his flat, where he finally decides to call Sanele. His battery was running low from dialing, calling and hanging up just before Sanele’s phone rings. It rings.

Sanele, now with Mike in a taxi to Langa looks at her phone that displays a number she does not recognise. Mike asks if it’s him referring to the man who stole her wallet? Sanele, rejects the phone call and replies no. She had a lot on her mind and could not entertain anyone else at present.

Feeling exposed, Cairo realizes how foolish this is. He puts away his phone and heads on home where an unpleasant surprise is waiting for him. Sindi had lost her mind believing that Cairo, sweet Cairo had cheated on her. She tried to rationalise it, “That’s why he has been distant. He hasn’t touched me in weeks because that whore has been seducing my man. They won’t get away with it.”

Cairo walked in while Sindi was throwing his clothes into the bathtub and pouring a liter of bleach all over them. Sanele’s blazer was on the floor

“Sindi? What are you doing?”

Fierce with rage, she turns around pours bleach on him and pushes him to the ground.

“How dare you think you can degrade me like that? You have no shame, cheating on me with that woman?”

Angry and confused, Cairo silently gets up. Takes off his wet shirt, washes his face and turns around to face Sindi.

She needed him to dispel all her insecurities to tell her she was wrong, and that he loves her. He merely just stood there, still dripping of bleach, white washed by the deafening noise in his head. He had been pushed too far. His silence let her fears settle deeper, and sink in even further. Off of the floor he picked some untarnished change of clothes, Sanele’s blazer and left.



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